Swan Creek Butterflies and Hummingbird Collection - Medium Tumbler w/ Lid

Swan Creek Butterflies and Hummingbird Collection - Medium Tumbler w/ Lid

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These adorable medium tumbler candles with lids are from the Swan Creek Butterflies and Hummingbirg Spring Collection!

  • Filled with 6.5 oz. of American Soybean WaxTM.
  • Measures 3.75"H x 3.25W with a 35+ hour burn time.

Scents Available: 

  • Apricot Pearadise: Transport your home to a fruity pear-a-dise! Tart, white apricot and juicy pear blend with coconut milk, peach nectar and vanilla extract for an over-the-top luscious fruit concoction. Hints of sugared caramel and sweet musk balance the blend and tie it all together.
  • Citrus Grove: Vibrant nuances of Tangerine, Mandarin & Cassis shine on top. Traces of Red Currants, Guava, and Lemon Flower sweet throughout. Bottom notes of green Ivy & Lily add to Vanilla Sugar for the finishing touches.
  • Italian Countryside: Imagine hiking through the rolling hills, olive groves and vineyards of Tuscany as the smell of freshly-baked rosemary focaccia bread wafts through the air. Mixed with late afternoon sunshine and the earthy tones of ancient herbs, this is your ticket to an Italian getaway!
  • Mango & Peach:Fresh, juicy peaches meet sweet mangos for the delightful fruity fragrance sure to please all!
  • Mountain Berry Parfait: Wild blueberries, red raspberries, peach and strawberry fuse together with fresh coconut, condensed milk, orange zest and sweet cream for a bright and buttery berry confection!
  • Summer Melon: Honeydew and watermelon both come together to create this refreshing summery fragrance!
  • Thai Pear: Fresh and crisp, a pure pear fragrance with earthy notes on the back end.
  • Vanilla Pound Cake: A pure pound cake, with rich vanilla, and a soft baked tone will have you running to the oven!